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Player Name: Jon
Player Journal: [personal profile] lovephantom
Age: 20
Contact: AIM: jongrim001
Characters Played: N/A

Name: Pram
Canon: Makai Kingdom
Canon Point: Post-game
History: BOOM!

Although the wiki is a bit lacking, so I'll go over Pram's history in the game fairly quickly.

First off, Pram is one of the youngest Overlords in the cosmos, and she gained her Netherworld from her father when she was only 2 years old. Despite demon aging being a bit...confusing, the fact that she was able to pull this off at such an incredibly young age was definitely something special. Though the identity of her father is never blatantly said, the implications that it's none other than King Drake the Third are too obvious to ignore. Further more, while Zetta has said that she gained her Netherworld "recently", it should be noted that Zetta is tens of thousands of years old so recently for him is a bit different than it would be for a human.

At any rate, as the many years passed Pram's mana powers began to grow considerably, and over time she gained the ability to see into the future. This gave her the title of "Oracle" and, along with her incredible mana power, allowed her to gain the respect she wanted from the other Overlords. However, in reality she doesn't actually have the powers of an Oracle. Instead, all her predictions came from reading ahead in the Sacred Tome. Not that anyone ever finds out about this. Nor do they find out about the fact that she was the one behind Zetta becoming a book.

During her time as Overlord, she enjoyed toying with her fellow Overlords. However, her personal favorite plaything was none other than the Badass Freakin' Overlord Zetta. Despite this, she felt as though he was getting a bit too big for his britches, so she decided to teach him a lesson by writing that he would eventually doom his own Netherworld. She then acted as though this was one of her premonitions and set Zetta on a path to fix it. He tried to do so, only to check the Sacred Tome and find out it was still doomed.

Outraged, he burned the Tome and...doomed his own Netherworld. In an effort to save himself, his separated his soul from his body and confined it into the Sacred Tome. With his Netherworld and body apparently destroyed, he was forced to get help from the other Overlords, the first of which being Pram. While she did mock his new form, eventually she did decide to help and instructed him on how to regain his body and Netherworld (nevermind the fact that she was planning to help him from the get go, considering she brought another overlord along with her). Her, along with the other Overlords, wrote inside Zetta to create other Netherworlds. He would conquer said Netherworlds, allowing him to gain the energy necessary to recreate his own. Along the way, Zetta and Pram encounter Trenia, a mysterious girl who seems to know a lot more about the cosmos than her naivete would have you believe. Hell, she even knows that Pram isn't actually an Oracle.

Later on, one of the Overlords, Salome, shows up. She was actually Zetta's apprentice and possible lover, but she left after he started to deny her advances. She lends him a hand as well, despite her lack of good health. Eventually we find out that the girl Trenia is actually the spirit of the Sacred Tome who got kicked out when Zetta took over. Further more, Salome has actually been giving Zetta incredible amounts of mana in order to make him as strong as he is. Which is why her health has been rapidly declining. This was revealed after...she died and gave him the last of her power. Yeah, turns out she crashed her Netherworld into his newly reborn one and acted crazy so he'd kill her to complete the ritual and gain all of her powers. Thanks to all the time that passed, Zetta feels like a douche.

Finally realizing what an idiot he'd been, though still trying to hide behind his pride, he asks Pram for her help. She notes how pathetic he's become and actually feels bad for doing this to him. It's revealed that she actually hadn't meant for this to happen, and had only wanted to teach him a lesson. So to make it up to him, she says they'll use the Tome and she'll sacrifice the power needed to make a wish to resurrect Salome. However, the wish fades. Apparently Pram's power, for as massive as it is, just wasn't enough.

And then she gets pissed. Releasing all her mana power and transforming into her true, more lion-like form, Pram actually manages to freaking rip open the gates of the Underworld so they can rescue Salome. And then Seedle, one of the other Overlords and lord of the Underworld attacks Pram, causing her to lose focus and pass out. Before she faints, Pram admits her failings and regrets being unable to help Zetta. Seedle reveals why he did what he did and why he hates Salome so much, Alex, Zetta's so called rival and fellow Overlord shows up, kicks the crap out of him, and then Trenia shows up. She reveals who she is, confines herself to the Sacred Tome, and then Zetta, with his newly regained body, writes his wish in the tome. Salome comes back, Pram's revealed to be okay, and the credits roll. Skip to five days later, Pram and Alex decide to check on Zetta, as he supposedly was crushed by an all-powerful being called "The One" and would die in three days. Turns out it was just a fake, and the three, along with Salome, who's now apparently Zetta's wife, muse as much before the game truly ends.

First and foremost, Pram is a demon and an Overlord class demon at that. This means that some of the traits that your average run of the mill demon has are amplified by a lot, such as her massive ego and love for committing evil acts. Although these acts tend to vary, whether it be attacking someone for very little reason, inflicting massive damage to another Overlord's netherworld, or making puns on the expense of a guy who just became a book. Yeah, NIS brand evil is weird.

Like most of the Overlord's, though, Pram isn't exactly what you'd call a terrible person. Oh sure she's selfish, stuck-up, full of herself, mean, petty, and very short-tempered, but there's definitely a heart there. She was capable of regret upon realizing just how badly she ruined Zetta's life, and she even tried to bring back Salome by using up a massive amount of mana power. It was very possible that she would have died had the plan actually worked, and while she was aware of this she was determined to go through regardless. Not only that, but in the bad ending where she attacks and possibly kills Zetta, the reason she did so was because she thought Zetta had been sapping Salome's power away on purpose and that he had been leading her on. So demon she may be, Pram is capable of caring for others. Though don't expect her to advertise this fact.

However...just because she can do good things doesn't make her a great person. Pram's most notable trait happens to be just how good she is at manipulating people. She's incredibly clever and sees most of the people around her, Zetta especially, as her toys. She loves playing with them in various ways, which usually ends up making them look like idiots for her own amusement. A lot of this tends to be "harmless", at least in comparison to what she could be doing, but it should be noted that it is very much possible for her to take things too far. Sure she'll regret it later, and possibly try to fix things depending, but even then chances are it's not going to stop her from continuing her "playing". She might lay off the person, at least for a while, but overall it's quite simply her thing.

Demons tend to have tempers, especially when they are insulted, and Pram is no exception. Her main flaw is how petty she can be, and when this combines with her infamously short temper it creates a recipe for disaster. When two of the three persons that make up Dark Lord Valvoga mocked her, despite the mocking being fairly light, Pram took major offense to it and blasted them with her incredible power. Obviously all three lived thanks to being Overlords themselves, but it still hurt like hell. And this wasn't the first time she lost her temper, either. During another conversation with Valvoga, she actually got pissed enough to wipe out a portion of their Netherworld with her powers. However, it's important to note that Pram losing her temper doesn't always end in a shit fit and an explosion. Pram isn't an idiot. She knows who she can attack and get away with it and who she cannot. As long as she's stronger than the person she's attacking, she'll readily let them have it if they ask for it. But someone like Zetta? Pass. Not that she forgets the slight. She just chooses to get her revenge in a more...sneaky way.

Of course, get her mad enough and she might just attack with her full power, strong opponent or not, as Zetta found out in the Bad Ending.

Adding onto her negative traits, one could also assume that Pram is rather lazy. Despite her massive amount of mana powers, being second only to Zetta himself, she doesn't bother trying to take over other Netherworlds. Most of the Overlords tend to stay out of each others way, but it's fair to say that if some of them had the opportunity to take another Netherworld over they would. Yet Pram is completely content with what she has and prefers screwing with the others for a laugh than actually do any sort of work. And even when she helps Zetta, despite numerous times when he could use a hand, (because he's just a book, geddit) she chooses not to lift a finger. It's only when he's completely exhausted all other options that she steps in.

Finally, one thing to keep in mind is that Pram's entire identity is a lie. She's not an Oracle no matter how much she wants to be. While it is possible that she might be able to acquire the skills, currently she has none. This is obviously a sore spot for her, and she'd do just about anything to keep it from coming out. Same with the fact that all Zetta went through was her fault. While it is possible she may finally come clean, on the whole if anyone were to find out about this they'd be able to blackmail her easily.

Strengths: Powerwise? Pram's packing a bunch. She's more or less the second strongest Overlord in the current point in time and her mana power is nothing to sneeze at. In the good ending she was actually capable of tearing open the gates of the Underworld to save Salome, while in a bad ending she actually took over the entire cosmos once she killed Zetta.

Skillwise, Pram's major power comes from her magic. She's mage type character through and through, packing a wide variety of spells. Aside from every book spell in Disgaea D2, she also has every elemental spell up to Giga, every Ice spell, every Star spell up to Omega, and her own set of Unique specials which include Freezing Prophecy, Ice Mirror, and Frost Dragon. She also does have some healing magic, but it's nothing special.

Her innate ability (called evilities in the Disgaea verse) is Prophecy. Basically it's a set of five evilities that randomly change every turn (or in the case of the game, after every attack). They are as follows:

Prophecy of Anger: Boosts Attack Power by 100%
Prophecy of Godly Wind: Self and allies have a 50% chance to evade an attack
Prophecy of Judgement: Inflicts damage to a random enemy at the end of the "turn"
Prophecy of Wisdom: Increase the intelligence (magic power) of all allies by 50%
Prophecy of Poison: Inflict the poison status on all enemies at the end of the "turn"

However, as all of these abilities are quite simply broken, I'd add a nerf to them. In an actual fight, in addition to the fact I'd have to use a random number generator to determine which ability would go off, I'd also go through the RNG again to determine if the skill would go off at all. Meaning even if she would have a skill, there is a chance it won't go off at all. And even if the skill doesn't go off, a new skill will still be randomly selected. So it's entirely possible that her "evility" will do nothing at all during an entire fight.

Being a mage-type character with Overlord level powers, coming at her with spells is just asking for an ass kicking. Her resistance to spells is pretty high.

Her brain power is, above all else, probably her biggest asset. She's street smart as well as book smart, making her a difficult person to trick.


Despite being smart, Pram is quite capable of being single minded in her plans. Sometimes she doesn't think things through and as such this can cause unforeseen consequences; some of which can come back to bite her. This is even more possible due to the fact that she has a big ego; underestimating someone is a likely outcome as well.

While on the magic side of things she's a beast, overall Pram's physical strength isn't that impressive. Oh sure she can throw a mean punch, but it's nothing that another demon can't do. And while her physical strength is bad, her overall defense is even worse. Anyone who can avoid her attack and wail on her enough probably won't have that hard of a time kicking the snot out of her.

Her short temper's another flaw, as it's possible that she might do something irrational out of anger instead of thinking things through like she normally would.

She's also very protective of her secrets, and would do anything not to let them get out. She doesn't want anyone to find out that she's a fake Oracle or that she was the one behind Zetta losing his body and Netherworld.

Finally, like most Overlords while she's not all that evil, coming off a certain way is very important. And while she is a bit more true to herself than the others, she'll still try to maintain her Overlord image no matter what.

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