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I'll use this section to go over the sidekick or "familiar" she'll be bringing, Hundred Knight.

SUMMARY: Overall, in terms of personality there's not actually a lot to him. He's a silent protagonist type, and while he is able to make choices they don't really change anything other than how conversations flow. Furthermore, because of his limited sentience he is only able to question, confirm, deny, or ignore things. Actually speaking a language is something he cannot do.

However, he does have a personality, as limited it is. Hundred Knight is, despite being a legendary demon, incredibly adorable. He's very child-like, being naive to the ways of the world while also expressing a curiosity for it. Though he can be very determined and loyal, working hard for Metallia despite her sometimes less than stellar ways of dealing with him, he's also capable of getting easily distracted and, quite frankly, being a little brat. Seriously, he actually had the option to sleep on Metallia's bed when she was temporarily dead.

Though this one didn't take it. Mostly because one of his other traits, namely his want to please his superior and fear of punishment. Like a child, he wants to make Metallia proud of him and is will to do whatever it takes to do so, even if he doesn't always get praised. Of course he's hardly completely child-like. Hundred Knight is very much aware that a lot of his allies can be idiots, and can occasionally be seen standing off to the sidelines, squinting at them in a judging manner. Furthermore, he has no problems with beating the tar of or even flat out killing opponents if necessary or if Metallia orders him to. As young and innocent as he can be, he's still very much a demon.


Strength and Endurance: More so than even his master. Hundred Knight packs an incredible amount of physical strength, and as he is a magical being, is functionally immortal as his body isn't organic. However, it is possible to kill him, though it's very difficult...unless you just kill Metallia. As they are linked due to the fact that he's her familiar, if she is killed he will follow. In addition, he runs off a magical energy source known as giga calories or gigacals for short. Without Metallia to supply him with this, his

Swordsmanship: Is capable of wielding a wide range of weapons, though swords are the ones he'd most skilled with.

Storage: Hundred Knight's stomach is capable of storing a wide variety of objects, which he can cough back up at will. It also seems like he has the ability to shrink the down to a much more manageable size, then bring them back to normal size once they're ejected from his body.

Transformation: Though it's not a power he's discovered at the point now, Hundred Knight has the ability to shift his body into that of a massive bird, which he uses to transport himself and Metallia.

Weapon Summoning: Can conjure up to five weapons, wielding one at a time, one after the other.

Tochkas: Tochkas are other sentient beings, like HK, that are a part of him. Each has its own unique ability, though they're all pretty straight forward. One is an enemy distracting face, another is a bomb, an army of 8 mini knights, a boomerang, a roadrunner like scouter, a tower that shoots magical cannonballs

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