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Life Fiber Biology: Life Fibers are a type of alien parasites that resemble threads. They can be woven together like normal threads in order to create clothing. In exchange for some of their hosts blood they are able to grant the wear tremendous power. However they must typically be worn on the skin because having them inside the host would cause them to drink too much of the host's blood, thus killing it. However they can be infused with another living being, creating something beyond the strength and bounds of a normal human without the drawbacks of needing blood as the fusion essentially combines the host and the parasites into one.

Nui is a perfect example of this. Because of the Life Fibers in her body she is capable of instantly healing wounds and reattaching limbs with little difficulty. She has strength far beyond that of a normal human, even one wearing a 3 Star Goku Uniform and the endurance to boot. In fact in canon the only thing that can actually sever her limbs completely or kill her outright is a blade made of hardened Life Fibers. And even then it needs to be either a set of blades or a massive scissor as both sides must be cut. Otherwise a single strand would remain.

However, as this is incredibly unfair and broken I will be nerfing her powers. Instead of needing a Life-Fiber based blade to cut and or kill her, any bladed weapon sharp enough and sturdy enough to do the job will be effective. Her endurance is still above the limits of a normal human, but with enough force you can slice her body right in two. If the parts aren't reconnected within 6 seconds, she will die. To subvert this a bit she can harden her fibers enough to block or even shatter the blades, but as a drawback she needs to do this consciously. So if someone can distract her or use her ego against her they can succeed. Furthermore while hardened her limbs are stiff and sluggish in the movements. She won't be able to react as quickly than if they weren't hardened. Plus it takes a second or two to unharden them.

Also she can still very much feel pain, though it's numbed a bit.

Life Fiber Creation/Control: Nui can spread her Life Fibers into pieces of clothing, allowing them to grow and eventually take over the entire outfit without the owner even realizing it. The process is slow, however, and would take several months at least. Once enough of the outfit is completely taken over by Life Fibers, they can overtake their wearer, turning the victim into a COVERS (giant clothing alien monster thing that looks like a stylish white suit) that can be manually controlled by her or function on its own. However these COVERS are inferior in terms of sheer strength, cunning, and endurance to Nui herself. If the wear is cut out of the COVERS then said COVERS will die instantly thanks to being cut off from its host.

In addition to this, Nui can also control the Life Fivers inside her own body. She can send strains of them out to bind her enemies and throw them around like ragdolls, though she will be unable to use her hands for anything else until the fibers are either detached or severed, and she cannot use mind control on them. Further more she can also use them to alter her own appearance to look like anything or anyone. However, her disguises have some major flaws. First and foremost she will not sound like them. Instead she must use a voice modulator to disguise her voice. Second, because her left eye was cut out she is unable to disguise it. This means that all her disguises will have some type of cover to hide her missing eye. Also there's being able to mimic the person's scent, but that only applies to those with a strong sense of smell.

Reality Warping (Cartoon Phyiscs): In canon Nui can do a number of feats that wouldn't be out of place in a Loony Toons episode. For example, in canon various red kanji letters appear dramatically all throughout the episodes. While none of the characters seem to be able to see these, Nui can and is able to lean on them, lay down on them, etc. She can also reach through dramatic cut-in's and stroke someone's hair, despite the other person being more than a few feet away. Then there was the time she was blasted away into a nearby wall, leaving her silhouette (with giant hair curls included) on the wall before popping out perfectly fine.

In Mom, this will work in a variety of ways. As MoM isn't an anime she won't be able to reach through DRAMATIC CUT-INS as they don't exist, but she will be able to do so via her communicator, a phone, etc. She can't actually strangle someone or injure them greatly, but she can pay their head, smack them, poke them, play with their hair, etc. Just comical things. Furthermore she can create big, bold letters out of thin air. Others can see them, and they can be picked up, but if used as a weapon they're about as effective as a big piece of Styrofoam and will disappear a few seconds after she stops touching them. Blunt weapons will merely leave an indication on her body in their shape before she re inflates herself, and getting hit by a car, rolled over by a wheel, etc. would just get her stuck on it before she peeled herself off. If thrown into a contain or something she'd just take the shape of it before either being let out or simply breaking the container. Not that it would be easy. So basically just trap her in a jar and it's gg no re.

Also she can make her theme song play whenever she wishes. Like it will actually play randomly and people will be able to hear it despite there being no reasonable source of it. Chances are it'll sound like she herself is emitting the sound.


LOGS POST (PROSE) SAMPLE: Test Drive link.


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