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Being second in command of an organization, criminal or otherwise, typically means that you possess some leadership skills, and Tabitha is no exception. The official website describes Tabitha as possessing an inclination to be helpful, which makes him very popular with the grunts underneath him. Aside from this, he is very confident and determined, doing whatever is necessary to complete his goals and further the plans of Team Magma. He commands respect from every single person under him, and can be quite demanding when the situation calls for it. Though not the most charismatic individual, he nevertheless does his job well.

Perhaps a bit too well. Both the game and the supplementary material note that Tabitha has his sights on the leader spot of Team Magma. And during the events of the game, when he discovers the data on Primal Groudon and what kind of catastrophe it could cause, he claims that Maxie, his very own leader, has betrayed both the world and Team Magma. He states that what he's doing is unforgivable, further fueling the fires for his apparent betrayal.

Except...he never does. Oh sure, he blabs to the protagonist what horrors await the world if Maxie gets his way and tells him where they plan to go, but to be fair Maxie, Courtney, and even the grunts did a fine job of doing that before. Not to mention Tabitha even pulled it long before his growing distaste of Maxie's plan. So to paraphrase a friend of mine, despite being a team of scientists they're all dumbasses. But anyway, instead of trying to raise an uprising against Maxie, something he probably could have done with little difficulty, he pleads to his Boss to stop what he's doing and not awaken Groudon. And even after he does so, accusing Tabitha of betrayal, he still stays by his boss' side and does his best to right the wrongs they've committed.

This paints a very good picture of Tabitha. Generally speaking he's loyal, determined, down to earth, and a hard worker. While it may be so that he does want the leadership position in Team Magma, he refuses to do anything underhanded to get that position. Oh sure, he'll use underhanded tactics to complete his other goals, but it comes with the territory of being the Admin of a criminal organization. Betrayal just isn't his style, but roughing up others, stealing their things, and the like? Totally fine.

Of course his lack of strong morals isn't his only flaw. Though Tabitha plays the very important role of the leader who's down to Earth, since Maxie is basically Ben Stein and Courtney is part robot part emotional mess, don't think that's the perfect leader. Trust me, he's not even close. For starters, he's very much a perfectionist. He wants his goals to be completed in a timely matter and to go off without a hitch. His overinflated confidence definitely play into this a lot, as he thinks he can handle most situations by himself. When the protagonist approaches, he laughs them off and finds their appearance amusing. What could a child do against an admin of HIS stature?

Wipe the floor with him, that's what. He seems rattled by his first defeat, but shrugs it off quickly and continues on with his plan. However their next encounter shows just how much losing really got to him. Tabitha throws a fit, stomping his foot and waving his hand up and down shouting "You're really... really, really, really, really, really, really... really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really... reeeallllyyyy... an obnoxious child, aren't you?!" So yes, despite referring himself to an adult and making himself seem to be on a whole other level than the protagonist, when you get right down to it Tabitha is actually quite immature. He's prone to tantrums, losing his temper over being insulted or having his authority/skill brought into question, overestimating his skills while underestimating his opponents. And he's also incredibly full of himself. Like seriously, he even refers to himself in the third person (unironically) several times during the story.

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