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CHARACTER NAME: Nonon Jakuzure
SERIES: Kill la Kill
CHRONOLOGY: Post-canon
CLASS: Heroine (God help us all)
HOUSING: Random.

BACKGROUND: Linking this even though it's not all that helpful.


Nonon is the heir to Jakuzure Transportation; a company owned by Kiryuin Conglomerates that is tasked with delivering REVOCS (the main company in the conglomerate) merchandise to factories all over the world. Due to the fact that Satsuki is the heir to the Kiryuin Conglomerate, it's only natural that her and Nonon would know each other. As a matter of fact, they went to Kindergarten together. Original Nonon didn't find Satsuki all that interesting, due to how nice and well-mannered she was. However, towards the end of kindergarten she began to act different. More serious and stand-offish. Surprisingly, Nonon actually preferred this change and began hanging around with her more. However, it wasn't until an incident involving a giant sandcastle falling down and Satsuki spreading some of her wisdom onto Nonon that she became her friend and promised to always be loyal to her.

I'm serious.

Afterward, there isn't really much said about Nonon's past once she graduated from Kindergarten. According to the information included in the DVD, during Grade School she acted as the school's queen as a front while Satsuki controlled things from the background. Then in middle school she transferred schools to join up with her friend once more, and from there set met the children who, along with her, would end up forming Honnōji Academy Student Council's Elite Four.


Overall, Nonon's role early on in canon is fairly minor. It's not so much that she doesn't show up, but rather that she prefers staying on the sidelines and watching things unfold. The first main appearance she has is during Tsumugu's first appearance, where he attempts to combat Ryuko Matoi and destroy her uniform. Eventually she manages to corner him for an attempted capture, but he manages to escape her grasp as well as the grasp of her subordinates. She's also present at her fellow Deva Uzu Sanageyama's first fight with Matoi. At first she comments that that perhaps Satsuki didn't show up because the fight would be one-sided, with him as the victor, but later it's shown that his overconfident and reliance on one single skill lead to his downfall. While he does face her and defeat her in the rematch, thanks to training his other abilities, only Satsuki and the president of the Sewing Club, Iori, were present to watch this fight. After this point, she makes various appearances alongside the Elite Four but doesn't actually do much until an event called the Naturals Election.

The Naturals Election was supposed to be a way to weed out the weaklings and possibly get some new blood into the student council, but of course the five people who made it were the Elite Four and Matoi. This was, obviously, all planned by Satsuki in an attempt to test out Ryuko's skills as well as the strength of the E4's current uniforms. After defeating Gamagoori and Inumuta of the E4, her next opponent is none other than Nonon. While the other fights with the E4 were overall impressive, Nonon was definitely the one Ryuko struggled the most with thanks to the fact that Nonon's uniform was more versatile as it was basically a flying musical themed tank. Yet even so, she was defeated and ended up joining the others in the seats for losers with her Goku Uniform now destroyed. Where she belonged.

Before Matoi could battle her next and final Deva, a young girl named Nui Harime appears and casually defeats Uzu and his Goku Uniform before knocking him off the arena. She engages Ryuko, scissor blade for parasol, before revealing that she is none other than the one who killed Ryuko's dad. Naturally she flips out, causing Senketsu to go out of control and thus fusing together into this sort of weird monster thing. While that's going on all the members of the Elite Four and Satsuki then proceed to...casually walk away while Ryuko continues to go nuts and destroy everything. Yeah.

Later, after Ryuko is calmed down thanks to THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP, Satsuki puts her next plan into motion: conquer the remaining three high schools in Osaka, Kyōto, and Kobe. Nonon, along with the help of her various nonathletic clubs, manages to take control of the high school in Kyōto, but not without the assistance of fellow Deva and resident shitnerd Houka Inumuta. Once all the school, minus the one in Osaka, are under the control of Honnōji, Inumuta, Gamagoori, and Jakuzure all show up to lend a hand in conquering the final school as well as revealing their true intentions: to draw out and destroy the hidden rebellion group hiding in Osaka. Which they do. The rebellion group, called Nudist Beach (don't ask) shows up to protect their benefactor, as well as Ryuko Matoi, who had followed the school's trip on motorcycle in order to reclaim the pieces of her uniform that had been ripped apart by Nui Harime, and then stolen by Satsuki in order to strengthen her own uniforms. Eventually Ryuko and Satsuki fight, but Ryuko uses the ability she gained in the Nationals Election to fly out of her reach. Nonon gives her a lift, as her uniform is the only one granted with flight capabilities, and the two begin to combat Matoi.

After the battle, Nonon is able to complete her true secret objective: sneaking into and destroying Nudist Beach's secret HQ. With all of the school's now under Satsuki's control, she's able to put her true plan in motion: draw in her horrible mother using the guise of a celebration. See, Satsuki's mom is actually a complete monster. Life fibers are what makes the Goku Uniforms, as well as Satsuki and Ryuko's uniforms, called Kamui, so strong. However, as it turns out they're actually space parasites that are trying to feed off the human race so they can take over the planet, blow it up, and spread to other planets to do the same thing over again.


Anyway, the plan goes off with a hitch at first, but then it goes bad. Really bad. Like Satsuki gets captured, COVERS (the name of the Life Fiber alien race) takes over, Ryuko turns out to be some sort of unholy mix of life fibers and human flesh like Ragyo and Nui (oh and also she's Ragyo's daughter and Satsuki's sister), and then she ends up going into a coma for a month. During that time Nonon and the others join up with Nudist Beach, whose base wasn't completely destroyed (they're nice people) and she, along with the others, ends up losing her uniform due to overuse. She goes back to the city near Honnōji in order to save some people, goes back to the base, and then discovers (along with the other devas) that Satsuki is alive. They plan a rescue mission, it works, but it turns out Ryuko lost her way again (brainwashing this time), they fight, she gets saved, Iori sews everyone a new uniform (minus Satsuki and Ryuko) and they go to fight Ragyo. Elite Four proceeds to do nothing of importance from there on after, except Gamagoori who uses HIS BODY AS A SHIELD, "dies", is revealed to have merely passed down, and then tears down the barrier protecting Ragyo's plot device allowing the Nudist Beach guys to blow it up.

Ragyo then ragequits by having Nui merge with the original life fiber before merging with her, and then proceeds a little too much fun blasting off into space in order to activate her plot device manually. Ryuko absorbs everyone's life fibers, transforms with Senketsu into...something that looks like Super Shadow (you know, from Sonic Adventure 2) and then blasts off into space. Ragyo loses, commits suicide once her own Life Fiber uniform is destroyed, the world is saved, and life returns to normal. The end.


They say you can't judge a book by its cover, and this saying holds especially true for Nonon Jakuzure. Despite her cute looks, small stature, loves of stuffed plushies, and generally nonthreatening image, she's actually one of the most fearsome of the Elite Four. In sharp contrast to her overall appearance, Nonon has a sharp wit and an even sharper tongue and she isn't afraid to lash out at someone who annoys her, nor does she bother to hold back in the face of anyone. She's blunt to a fault and clearly enjoys laying down the sass on just about anyone who isn't named Satsuki. Even her fellow Devas are subjected to her sass, although in their case it's safe to say that her words are far more playful. Even if her tone doesn't change much.

Yet for a young woman who is good at laying down the smack, Nonon's actually pretty bad at taking it. While she can be resistant at first, it doesn't take too long at all to tear down the Drum Major's metaphorical walls and piss her off. Her temper is infamously sort and when she loses it she really loses it, as shown in the fight with Ryuko when she learned how to combat Nonon's aerial assault with her own. She believed herself to be the only student at Honnōji who should be able to fly. Having that title taken from her was enough for her to stop messing around and really focus on beating Matoi into the ground. And while she is able to trade blows with Inumuta, along with a few others, it doesn't take all that long for her to drop a particularly nasty comment to shut them up or just flat out tell them to piss off. It's not exactly definite why she's like this, but considering her massive ego and the general "better than you" attitude that usually gets displayed, it's safe to say that any metaphorical assaults on her that amount to "you're not as great as you think you are" get taken very seriously.

Despite this, Nonon is actually quiet intelligent. She knows a lot about music, including genres, composers, musical pieces, etc. In the Academy she leads not only the marching band, but also the orchestra as conductor; functioning as both the drum major and the conductor respectively. Of course, as a conductor and drum major do need to have a fair level of musical talent, it's safe to say that Nonon possesses such ability, although what instruments she can actually play is up for discussion, though it does seem that she favors that classics, especially anything in the brass or woodwind section. Aside from musical knowledge, she's also quiet clever and downright sneaky at times, though this side of her is usually reserved for carrying out Satsuki's plans...or her own petty games.

While it's fair to say that Nonon is very much a person who enjoys "playing" with people and her antics aren't exactly the nicest, people whom she downright loathes are subjected to far worse. As shown in the fight with Ryuko, Jakuzure has a definite sadistic side to her; one that loves inflicting pain onto those who stand against her or Satsuki. Sure you could argue she always has that side, what with her love for mocking others and schadenfreude, but it's only truly mean-spirited when you get her angry. Like hating your guts level of angry.

Of course, while Nonon isn't exactly a nice person...she's not all bad. In fact it's safe to say there is a genuine heart there. Her main positive trait is her fierce loyalty to Satsuki and her cause. Even if she acts like a spoiled brat at times, mocking others for her own enjoyment, she is more than capable about caring for others. She'd sacrifice her dignity, pride, and even her life without a second thought to protect Satsuki. In addition, she does genuinely care about her fellow devas, as shown when she showed compassion upon her return to the Nudist Beach base (not that it lasted long), as well as post-canon where she and the others were trying to help Gamagoori get a date. Though those examples are only to those close to her, it's inaccurate to say she only cares about them. Nonon follows Satsuki not just because they're friends, but also because she truly wants to see the world that Satsuki wants to make a reality. A world that could be far better for everyone than the current one. Further emphasizing the point, it's also fair to note that she did return to Honnōji to save as many people still there as she could, even if there was a chance that she could have been captured by COVERS.


1. GOKU UNIFORM: Unlike most of the Four Devas, Nonon's goku uniform abilities don't actually change all that much. While they do have a few different abilities, essentially her job at the Academy is wide scale destruction. Even in the condensed versions of her uniform; MK II and III, she is still able to take out large groups of enemies with little difficulty. As she'll be bringing in MK II, I'll discuss that one.

Essentially, MK II's functions are exactly the same as MK I, except it has more or less the same firepower while being smaller, more agile, and overall stronger. With it, Nonon can attack using sound and energy blasts, fire missiles, fly, and even play music, in addition to all the normal features of a 3 Star Goku uniform (namely increased strength and durability).

2. GOKU UNIFORM UPGRADE: Despite being post canon, I do have an overall preference for her MK II design. Largely because the design is far less revealing, not to mention more aesthetically pleasing. As a result of this, I'd like it to be brought up to part with her MK III, as well as sharing the similarities of Uzu's upgrades. Namely:

01) Lack of deterioration. As goku uniforms suffer natural wear and tear the more they're used, much like regular clothes, as well as take damage, I'd like her's to have passive recovery and maintenance, since no one aside from Iori really knows how to repair things. Of course, this would only be when the uniform is not in battle mode. So it wouldn't be able to restitch itself during battle, or at least not quickly enough to be all that useful.

02) Like Uzu, I'd also like her to have the ability to adjust the life fiber count at will, being able to raise it or lower it as she chooses. The default is, of course, 30% percent. Any higher will cause a strain on her body, which will increase the longer she maintains it. As a result, this means it will take time and training for her to use the higher levels with minimal drawbacks. She can't just go instantly to 100%, as the strain on her body and mind would immense. Chances are she'd lose her mind and pull a Ryuko. And nobody wants an even nuttier Nonon, trust me.


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