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3. SOUND MANIPULATION: This is probably the dumbest power ever, so of course I'm giving it to her. As the name implies this ability allows her to manipulate sounds within a small area, about the size of a large concert hall, in any direction. Of course that's the maximum, so she won't be able to do that immediately. What this ability entails is that she can increase or decrease the sounds around her at will. She can render someone completely mute, or increase their voice to that of one hundred Hulk Hogans shouting "BROTHER" through one hundred megaphones. As a fighting power this is more or less useless, but it can come in handy to strengthen the sound blasts, but that's about it.

Oh and I guess she'd get more durable ears so she doesn't blow her ear drums out. Necessary passive powers and all that. Of course I'm perfectly fine with her only being able to get the above two powers. She'd mostly just use it to quiet down people she doesn't like anyway.