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[To the surprise of literally no one, Nonon's first post just so happens to be a video post. Because why would she allow people to hear her lovely voice, but deny them the right to see her "beautiful" face. It's just not right! A travesty if she ever heard one.

Besides. How would anyone else get to she her incredibly unamused expression?]

So if I'm getting this right, apparently the lot of us are now full-fledged "super heroes". And, according to Monkey's comics, that means we're supposed to run around in colorful costumes and fight the forces of evil. And bad hygiene, though I might be remembering that part wrong.

[A dismissive shrug. It's not like she cares all that much one way or the other.]

Either way, if I'm going to be fighting alongside a bunch of people I don't know, I'd like to get to know the important things. Namely, how many of you have more than a passing interest in music? Do you play any instruments? If so, what kind? Are you any good? Things like that. I don't care if you've got some rocking tunes on your Ipod. So does literally everyone else. You aren't special.

[A pause. Idly the pink-haired girl waves her baton in the air, as if counting the number of notes in an orchestra that doesn't exist.]

Oh, and I guess names are kinda important to. Feel free to include those if you're at least mildly interesting. Mine's Jakuzure, for those curious.