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Lolipop Chainsaw
BlazBlue: Chronophantasma


Attack on Titan
Fate series anime
Soul Nomad LP
Makai Kingdom LP


No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise
BlazBlue Continuum Shift: EXTEND
Bravely Default


Danganronpa (Specifically for Celes)
Touch Detective
Kill La Kill (Specifically for Nonon)
Code of Princess
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Black Comedy Zombie Mall Shenanigans: The basic idea for this game is that characters apped arrive at a mega mall or in the very secret lair of one main antagonist if they're apped as a zombie (if I put this part in). The mall works very similar to your typical one, except there are a lot less people and shops. Many of them have been run down or abandoned on the lower floors, though the ones on the higher floors are pretty new. Characters must fight various undead of all kinds and types while maintaining the barriers set up and managing resources until they can formulate a plan to defeat the hordes once and for all.

- NPCs that are very much chill with the environment and tend to underact or overact to certain things for the sake of drama or comedy. Think Team Fortress 2.
- Zombies with personalities! All zombies in-game would retain the personality traits they had in life, but with a zombified twist. If you've seen Gravity Falls, think how zombie Soos would act.
- When PCs die, they become boss zombies and retain their personality as well. Likewise, NPC zombies can possibility be recruited onto the human side with proper convincing. Or you can just kill them. That works too.
- A dark and silly sense of humor for people who like to enjoy a little drama, but don't want to take things incredibly seriously. Or for those who want a to be in a "horror" game of sorts but also want working showers and utilities.
- Lots of player control! Though useful, the human NPCs are basically a bunch of lazy jerks (and the zombies aren't majorly better), thus it's up to the players to shake things up a bit. Of course the mods will do events and things on their own, they will always be open to ideas! Likewise, the fate of the game, world, and characters rests on player decisions rather than mod ones, though they will be pointed out clearly so as to avoid confusion or frustration.
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Fate/Extra AU Mafia: Probably the most straightforward...okay no, that's Animal Crossing, but still. The main premise of the game is that all characters are either Mages who have entered the Moon Cell of their own accord, or Servants who have been requested to fight in the stead of their Masters (the Mages). A set number for the max limit of characters will be announced, and once that happens players can send in their reserves. An even number of Masters and Servants must exist in order to start the game.

From their, Servants and Masters will be paired up either by player choice, at random, or who the mods believe would work best together. Naturally players can discuss partnering up on their own and can reject the mod's decision if it does not work for them. However, if they cannot find a partner by the proper time, they will be required to either accept the given partner or leave the game.

While the main goal is for one pair to win, it will be possible for different end games to be achieved depending on player action. The mods will provide players with hints and plot points to which they can alternate their apparent Fate(/).
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Makai Kingdom World Building: After the events of the game, Pram the Oracle sealed off her Netherworld from the rest of the Multiverse for an unknown amount of time (though all the Overlords agree it "wasn't long enough") and for unknown reasons. At least, they don't know. In reality it was because she somehow managed to gain real oracle powers and wished to spend time in secrecy developing them.

...only to find out that the Multiverse was basically doomed. A powerful force has been devouring entire Netherworlds at a steady clip. Without them, stability has begun to show signs of weakness and even collasp. In order to fix this, she alerted the most powerful Overlords she knows to come up with a solution. A solution involving lots and lots of guests. Characters can be taken either against their will or with knowledge of what's going on, but either way they will be brought into the realm of the Overlords for the purpose of becoming one themselves. All characters start out with their own customized (though very small) Netherworld, a base of operations, teleporter, a small army composed of various classes from NIS games, and other things.

The goal is to increase the power of yourself, your army, and your Netherworld. All characters will be nerfed upon arrival to make everyone have a fairly equal footing, with a possible level cap to help newer player fit in better. Newer players may also gain levels and powers fast to compete, though power and authority will come from work rather than time in game.

Also, there will be a feature called The Senate in which players can vote to change the state of the game, mechanics, etc. They will also be able to temporarily app NPCs to vote (think multiverse jury duty) and can bring in their own characters to vote on things that other players bring up. Though naturally the mods will have influence as well.

- Lots of player plotting room and decision-making
- Plenty of customization options.
- Humor focused, though not with the sacrifice of plot.
- Clear goals for characters to achieve.
- And much more!
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Animal Crossing Slice of Life: Just what you'd expect. Characters enter a large town complete with animal neighbors and all the whacky physics. Want to carry around a whale shark in your pocket? Go ahead! Need some new furniture? Try shaking some trees! Just watch out for the bees, though. Character may or may not come as animals in the style AC's known for, depending on what people want. Of course we could always just have the option.

Various events will correspond to the day, with some new ones such as Mayor For A Day Day. Votes can also be put in to erect new structures and buildings, which may lead to new NPCs. Player characters will also be able to own their own business, make their own clothing and furniture lines, etc.
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Disgaea 5
BlazBlue Chronophantasma Extend
Persona 5 (Not Out Yet)
BlazBlue Central Fiction (Not Out Yet)
Borderlands: The Handsome Collection
Gravity Rush
Gravity Rush 2
Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition
Skullgirls: 2nd Encore
The Witch and the Hundred Knight
The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2


Sonic Lost World
Smash 4
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Super Mario 3D World
Shantae 2
Shantae 3
New Shantae (Not Out Yet)
Rodea the Sky Soldier


Mighty No. 9
Shovel Knight
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (Not Out Yet)
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