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Lolipop Chainsaw
BlazBlue: Chronophantasma


Attack on Titan
Fate series anime
Soul Nomad LP
Makai Kingdom LP


No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise
BlazBlue Continuum Shift: EXTEND
Bravely Default


Danganronpa (Specifically for Celes)
Touch Detective
Kill La Kill (Specifically for Nonon)
Code of Princess
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Fate/Extra AU Mafia: Probably the most straightforward...okay no, that's Animal Crossing, but still. The main premise of the game is that all characters are either Mages who have entered the Moon Cell of their own accord, or Servants who have been requested to fight in the stead of their Masters (the Mages). A set number for the max limit of characters will be announced, and once that happens players can send in their reserves. An even number of Masters and Servants must exist in order to start the game.

From their, Servants and Masters will be paired up either by player choice, at random, or who the mods believe would work best together. Naturally players can discuss partnering up on their own and can reject the mod's decision if it does not work for them. However, if they cannot find a partner by the proper time, they will be required to either accept the given partner or leave the game.

While the main goal is for one pair to win, it will be possible for different end games to be achieved depending on player action. The mods will provide players with hints and plot points to which they can alternate their apparent Fate(/).