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Lolipop Chainsaw
BlazBlue: Chronophantasma


Attack on Titan
Fate series anime
Soul Nomad LP
Makai Kingdom LP


No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise
BlazBlue Continuum Shift: EXTEND
Bravely Default


Danganronpa (Specifically for Celes)
Touch Detective
Kill La Kill (Specifically for Nonon)
Code of Princess
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Animal Crossing Slice of Life: Just what you'd expect. Characters enter a large town complete with animal neighbors and all the whacky physics. Want to carry around a whale shark in your pocket? Go ahead! Need some new furniture? Try shaking some trees! Just watch out for the bees, though. Character may or may not come as animals in the style AC's known for, depending on what people want. Of course we could always just have the option.

Various events will correspond to the day, with some new ones such as Mayor For A Day Day. Votes can also be put in to erect new structures and buildings, which may lead to new NPCs. Player characters will also be able to own their own business, make their own clothing and furniture lines, etc.